From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes

Request a postcard! When your postcard finds a home in your letterbox, provide a new home for someone through Shelterbox.


Just want to give a shout out to those who have helped me create this adventurous fundraiser along the way:

Chelsea Watson – For assisting me in the design of the Letterboxes to Shelterboxes logo and being pivotal in the filming/producing/editing of the video.
Adam Smith-Platts – For introducing me to WordPress, creating the postcard counter and goal thermometer widgit, teaching me HTML, being my go-to I.T. man, and always being as excited as me about this site!
Ash Finch – For being my biggest fan from day one of this project and having infectious crazy enthusiasm – wonderful motivation
My folks – You have always showed me that anything you want or dream is entirely possible, and encouraged this in me.
Fred Fawke – For supplying us with a Shelterbox for the video and being more than willing to explain the contents of the box.
Craig Tobler – For being available to answer all my questions in regards to Shelterbox and assisting me with marketing materials.
Mike Greenslade – For assisting me with publicity via the Shelterbox newsletter, blog, and more. Also forhappily any questions I had and offering lots of encouragement.

Especially to all of you who made a donation, requested a postcard or told your friends/family/dentist etc about this fundraiser.
– Without your interest, promotion (“hey peeps, check this out!”) and donations, this wouldn’t be as fun, interactive or particularly successful. You’re all Superstars!


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