From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes

Request a postcard! When your postcard finds a home in your letterbox, provide a new home for someone through Shelterbox.

How’s This Fundraiser Work?

(Now with thrilling video content)
Watch my video to be entertained, learn about how this fundraiser works and see us unpack a Shelterbox! Or if you’re into old fashioned reading, there is a flow chart below the video for your convenience.

Big thanks go to Chelsea, Fred, Jenny and Maxx for taking the time to help make this video possible. Also to Castlecomer for permission to use their awesome song ‘Danny’s Den’. You can check them out at:

The Flow Chart

Follow me as I travel from Canberra to Darwin (5000kms), and volunteer my way around the country.

Choose from one of the above as your postcard theme. You can monitor my current and future locations on the ‘Trip Progress (Homepage)’ tab to the left, or via Facebook or Twitter (links at bottom of page).

Go to the ‘I want a postcard!’ tab, and fill in the form to request your postcard!

I mail a postcard out to you from your requested destination or themed subject.

The postcard finds a home in your letterbox (it will be a nice change from the bills normally ‘squatting’ in there).

Return to my webpage, click the ‘DONATE’ button and make a minimum donation of the average cost of a postcard and stamp: $1.60 (Australia) or $2.60 (outside Australia).

Your donation helps to fund another Shelterbox, hence this fabulous project being coined “Letterboxes to Shelterboxes”. My goal is  $5000 – one Shelterbox for every 1000kms.


4 comments on “How’s This Fundraiser Work?

  1. MikeGreenslade
    March 29, 2012

    Awesome idea Lara, let’s hope you have lots of postcard writing ahead of you!
    Good Luck, Mike

  2. Danielle Greenslade
    May 16, 2012

    Superb initiative, glorious filmmaking, go girl x

  3. raventao
    July 20, 2012

    Brilliant! Glad to have found your blog. Have posted about it on my FB page. Happy travels!

    • letterboxshelterbox
      July 20, 2012

      Many thanks Raven!! You’re a legend 😀
      How did you come across my fundraiser blog?

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