From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes

Request a postcard! When your postcard finds a home in your letterbox, provide a new home for someone through Shelterbox.

What is Shelterbox?

Shelterbox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, diginity and warmth to people affected by disaster worldwide

Great. Ok. What Does This Mean?

This means Shelterbox has the first shipment of aid boxes in the disaster zone within 2-3 days of a disaster – they are often the first external aid agency on the ground, providing much needed shelter and aid. The boxes are met by a Shelterbox Response Team (hardy volunteers who are versed in survival and disaster training). The team works with the local organisations, international aid agencies and Rotary clubs, who help them in directing the boxes to those most in need and assist in transporting them using whatever is available – this could be by helicopters, tuk tuks, donkey trains and even on the backs of camels! The team stays on site for a few weeks training the locals in how to set up and use the contents of their box.

Indonesia 2010

Philippines 2011

Panama 2011

So What’s In The Box?
The contents vary, but all contain the basic life-sustaining materials people need to survive after a disaster. Such as:

Tent that fits 10 people
Multi-fuel Stove
Tool Kit
Thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets
Mosquito Nets

For an interactive picture of the contents, click the box! –>
You can hover your mouse over each object and it will magnify it, then click to read a description. Neat.

How Much Does A Shelterbox Cost?
The cost of one box is $1000, including direct delivery to those who need it. Each box is is numbered so you as donors can track where your box goes, via the website.

Lara, What’s Your Experience With Shelterbox?
During my time living in Cornwall (UK) in 2010, I visited the Shelterbox Head Quarters and Warehouse – the hub of Shelterbox activity. They have a passionate team of volunteers who assist with collecting all the materials and packing numerous amounts of boxes, ready to be dispatched as soon as a call comes in. The warehouse was clean and neatly organised – a tight operation. I was also lucky to meet many members of the UK Shelterbox Response Team, who were happy to talk about their experience out in the field. What impressed me most about Shelterbox was how transparent they are about their costs and are open about WHERE your donation goes – with only 10% being used for administration purposes!

10-person tents, ready to be packed

Where an assembly line of volunteers will pack box after box with a tent, blankets and more.

The boxes are weighed and sealed - ready for dispatch

Want To Learn More About Shelterbox?
Excellent! Click here to be taken to their Australian website.


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