From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes

Request a postcard! When your postcard finds a home in your letterbox, provide a new home for someone through Shelterbox.

The Final Result

So what was the end result of the ‘From Letterboxes To Shelterboxes’ fundraiser?

Here are the stats!                        

Fundraiser goal $5000

Total amount raised $5757.47 (holy moley!)

Total number of postcards sent   190

Flag Counter

Laziest Postcard: A roadtrain and desert scrub at sunset. A.k.a the last shot before my camera died, but let’s make some money on it by calling it ‘artistic’. Camooweal, QLD

Tennant Creek: Pleasant 'I-spy' topic when driving through the desert

Worst Postcard: Pleasant ‘I-spy’ topic when driving through the desert. Tennant Creek, NT.

Tennant Creek: Enough said.

Most Boring Postcard: Enough said. Tennant Creek, NT.

Funniest Postcard: Bought in a place of clarity. Nimbin, NSW

Best postcard: simple, and very Aussie. Sydney, NSW

Best postcard: simple, and very Aussie. Sydney, NSW

The Shelterboxes?!

I have now been sent the Shelterbox numbers so we can see what our cumulative effort has contributed to.  As the funds from the fundraiser were passed on to Shelterbox over the 5 month period, we ended up contributing to a part of 15 different Shelterboxes, rather than 5 whole ones. Click the Shelterbox to see our boxes and where they ended up!



Most all I wanted to write this post to thank every person who contributed to the fundraiser. As a result of your input you have helped those affected by disaster worldwide and also gave me a BIG boost in my first ever self-funded cross-country project. Thank you to all of you who emailed, Facebooked, Tweeted and/or in person provided me with encouragement and feedback; this was invaluable to me and I was touched with every response.

A special mention to all the Rotary Clubs who allowed me to be a guest speaker (at short notice) and opened my eyes to how Rotary directly contributes to their community and the world at large. Your generous donations contributed to one third of the above total!

Lastly, a shout-out to all those people behind the scenes who made this one-woman-show run:
Mike Greenslade – for your constant correspondence, support and enthusiasm
Chelsea Watson – without you, there would be no hilarious video or stunningly crafted logo.
Adam Smith-Platts – for teaching me how easy it is to build a website, and do basic coding
Jen & Ron – for backing me right from the beginning, and always reinforcing that anything I want is possible
Joe – you were my support team, cheer squad and companion all in one. The trip was much richer for you having you with me.


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