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Sikh-ing Happiness in Bananas

After spending two and a half weeks in the gorgeous, sunny weather of Coffs Harbour, house-sitting a place with a balcony view of this…

I wondered why I’d spent so many winters in frigid Canberra!

In the first week it was just me and resident pup, Laura. We went on many beach road-trips together and checked out the local markets. Try holding onto a dog, a juice, and pick out fresh avocadoes at a fruit and veg stall whilst attempting to stop a pram-bound 2 year old from feeding a sausage to an eternally hungry canine!

Joe, my partner, joined me in the second week. We joined up with a local Couchsurfing host and checked out the Sawtell Chilli Festival. They had everything from chilli hotdogs, chilli chutney, cheese-coated and deep fried jalapeños, chilli chocolate and even chilli wine and beer. We dared to consume a small portion of ‘death sauce’ which had us all crying in appreciation of our now non-existent tastebuds.

The festival mascot, Super Chilli!

Another road trip took us to Woolgoolga, where the local Sikh community were holding a big match of Kabaddi. A traditional Indian sport, the game consists of two teams competing with each other for higher scores, by touching or capturing the players of the opponent’s team. It’s like watching a game of ‘ultimate tips’. Although a simple game, it is difficult to explain the mechanics of it without seeing it. You can learn more about it here or watch the short video below we took during the match.

Whilst in Coffs, we of course HAD to get a photo with the next big thing!

Being keen music-lovers, we went along to The Coffs Harbour Hotel for a ‘Prom’ themed evening featuring Parachute Youth as the head-liner act. Never to refuse a costume challenge, we went all out with colour coded outfits (and matching corsages of course). Our $50 floral investment paid off as we won Prom King and Prom Queen! (Prize = $50 bar tab….each!)

And yes, those are actually Joe’s prescription glasses, not a cheap accessory.

We of course wanted Laura to experience the ‘high life’ too, so after her bath one day Joe gave her the salon treatment. Being a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she enjoyed it only as a royal could – with great poise and excellent camera angles.

Our next stop is Alstonville to stay with Shelterbox Communications Officer and SRT member, Mike Greenslade, who has kindly offered us a place to stay. I’m keen to hear more about his time volunteering as an SRT and to brainstorm ideas about how to further grow my fundraiser.


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