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Dolphins, Dingos, Dragon Fruit and a Lone Trumpeter

So I got back into the swing of my trip with a few nights camping at Seal Rocks. Check out my super-adaptable-self creating a camp kitchen on the back of my car.

The pasta would have tasted better if I hadn’t gone so crazy with the tinned tomatoes…which exploded all over my hoodie when I opened it…man, I’m really roughing it! Especially with hungry, dangerous dingos around – they just wander through the caravan park at random.

There was a great little island at the end of the Seal Rocks beach.

And I of course wasn’t just going to sit and look at it!

I was up there checking out the wave action! (pretty flat, but beautiful)

I went for a walk through the National Park – the forest had me thinking: “If you go down to the woods today…”

All that way just for this crummy sign!

I mean, the views from the lighthouse.

At the Farmer’s Markets in Forster I discovered Dragon Fruit – despite the rich red colour they taste quite plain, with a similar texture to kiwi fruit.

At Tuncurry Mariner (Forster’s twin city) I saw a WHOLE POD OF DOLPHINS! They even swam around to the beach on the other side of the breakwater, surfed a rolling wave and flirted with the floating surfers. It was beautiful – I was so mesmerised by the scene that it was impossible to get a photo of that moment – they’re so fast!

I accidentally ended up at the Sea Baths at dusk, and as a result got to witness a musical moment – a Trumpter practicing down by the water. The way the sad, slow notes echoed around the baths and mixed with the crashing of the waves made it an etheral experience. See the black dot in the middle of the photo – that’s him standing out on the breakwater edge of the pools during his ‘session’. There’s magic in everyday 🙂

I then went to stay up at Wauchope with Marcus and Mariet, the parents of my Newcastle host, Tom – it seems there is only 3 degrees of separation in this small world. They live on a property a few kilometers out of town, and with a backyard like this I can see why!

Mariet works with disabled people and is the co-ordinator of ‘Bago Magic’, an arts program for both disabled and able-bodied people. She believes that everyone needs a space where they can express themselves, whoever they are, without being typed or segrated as ‘special’. She believes this so strongly that she only applies for Arts grants for the program, not Disability-based ones. She showed me a short documentary on two individuals who have benefited from the group – including one young guy with Cerebral Palsy who gained so much confidence from being involved in the program that he got into sports at a state level and even moved out of home to become self-suffcient! Empowering stuff. I look forward to meeting the group this Friday in Port Macquarie.


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